SellerHub TV 2021 reintroduction

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since you heard from us, I know. But in my defence, it’s been quite a year. 

2020 was a year that changed the world for pretty much everyone – and one area that it did change was the lack of new content on SellerHub.

The lack of articles luckily wasn’t due to any major misfortune on our part, but, an exceptionally busy and productive year within all the companies I am involved with.

As our lives evolve, new opportunities arise and doors open, we feel SellerHub should also grow and represent these changes in order to help you to grow and to ‘roll with the punches’.

Originally, SellerHub was conceived as a predominantly eCommerce-based blog, but we are expanding into a broader business-based hub for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business professionals. I felt that you would benefit from, and appreciate, a wide-ranging set of content based on my experience. 

Ecommerce will play a part of some of the topics, but as our catalogue of work and experience has grown (manufacturing, SaaS and service-based business to name a few). we will be including subjects that are cross-industry and useful for all. We want to help you to see the opportunities for your business that may not be immediately apparent.

Because let’s face it, there is one thing that all businesses have in common, that is that we sell things – and this is the SellerHub.

We have some really exciting news coming up, too, with a new contributor, colleague and long time friend joining SellerHub very soon. With him, he brings a wealth of knowledge in all areas of business, and between us, we’ll be looking in our little black books for friends and colleagues that can help us to broaden your horizons and make your businesses more secure and profitable.