• One of the most effective ways of business growth
  • Reach your target audience
  • Exposure and Endorsement
  • Big impact


The bulleted list above highlights just a few reasons why Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective and popular mediums, especially in e-Retail.

If you are new to Influencer marketing and want to learn how to take advantage of it, then this is the article for you!

We will go through some of the basics plus give you 7 platforms where you can approach influencers to work with to promote your brand and products.

Before We Begin – The Basics

So when considering Influencer marketing for your business there are a few key points that make this method of advertising unique from other digital forms.

Micro, Macro & Mega Influencers

Influencers can be broken into 3 groups, and dependent on who you ask, the number of followers between each group can vary. But as a loose guideline this is how you could categorise them:

  • Micro-Influencers: Between 3000 – 10,000 Followers
  • Macro-Influencers: Have from 10,000 – 1M Followers
  • Mega-Influencers: Have over 1M+ Followers

Of course, some will disagree with those numbers and an additional factor to take into account is the amount of engagement the influencer gets per each post.

But the main point is that whilst Macro and Mega Influencers are going to have the greatest reach, there could be a few hidden gems in the Micro-Influencers. If you build that relationship early with them then you may have something that could blossom into a wonderful relationship. And this brings me onto my other point.


Influencers aren’t marketing agencies or companies to write your copy, they’re real people who have a passion and interest in the industry you are in. Treat them right, build that trust and you could have a brand ambassador for life, which could be worth more than any other paid form of advertising.

Why does Influencer Marketing work so well

Arguably word of mouth has been one of the most effective mediums of advertising for centuries. Online influencers have become our virtual source, friends and role models that we tend to look to for advice and answers. Influencer marketing uses this medium to target people who are interested in your products from people who know in that industry

“92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising”
Forbes – Kimberly A. Whitler


7 Influencer Marketing Platforms

So in no particular order, our top 7 influencer marketing platforms.


Influence dot Co


Influence.co is a great website that works as a directory and portfolio site for influencers to present themselves to business owners like yourself.
The platform shows you what each influencer has worked on in the past and which social channels their audience is on.
Unlink some other platforms, Influence.co doesn’t help you manage the relationship with the influencer but rather acts like a Yellow Pages for you to contact them.





If Influence.co is the yellow pages of the influencer world then Shoutcart is the influencer equivalent of eBay. Shoutcast allows you to buy shoutouts from influencer you want to work with, from supplying the creative for their posts to having the option to get a link on their bio for an additional extra.





Famebit, arguably one of the largest influencer marketing platforms allows you as a brand to post your campaign for free. Once your campaign has been posted, you will receive a proposal from influencers (creators as the platform calls them) which you get to choose from to hire and then pay.
It’s influencer work on the majority of modern platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.





Grapevine is the platform if you want to target your audience on Youtube, though it also has influencers on Instagram too.
A nice bonus that Grapevine gives you is that you can access the historical data on how the influencers have performed in the past plus have the ability to track any conversions they generate for you.





Unlike the other platforms, Whalar offers a managed service option for larger brands where they will act as an influencer agency on your behalf.
If you wanted something more hands on and probably less expensive, Whalar allows you to discover and manage multiple influencers through their interactive platform.





Tribe is an influencer marketplace that takes great pride in connecting micro influencers to brands. A brand, yourself, will post your content on their site. You will then invite the type of influencers you would like to spread your message, the influencers will then quote a post price which you can accept or decline.





HYPR is unique in that is pushes itself not just an influencer marketplace but also as an influencer analytics tool, giving you in-depth details about an influencer’s audience demographics.
HYPR can be used to reach out to possible influencers but also align your own marketing effort with the same demographic popular influencers in your industry target.