• The way consumers shop will change forever
  • Amazon’s 1-click patent to expire in September 2017
  • New frictionless payments for your online store

Amazon 1 Click Patent

Thanks to Chris Perry – @CJPerryUK for bringing this to our attention, make sure to check him out.

This September (2017), Amazon’s 1-click patent will turn 20 years old and expire. This means the technology behind the 1-click process will be usable for any e-commerce site.

Amazon, who originally filed for the patent in 1997 (and granted in 1999) had the overall right to the technology which stored the consumer’s credit/debit card details, allowing the consumer to purchase a product with just 1 click.

So What Does This Mean For The Online Seller?

If you are running your own website then you may have come across the hurdles of cart abandonment. Many an online seller, web site manager and marketer have looked into ways to improve this, including C.R.O. remarketing, and other direct to consumer emails.

With offering your customer 1 click payments, you are giving the consumer a frictionless option to make a purchase. By allowing fewer steps, this will ultimately improve your cart abandonment rate.

Many payment processors already have the technology to support a one click checkout system, these include:

  • Stripe
  • Authorize.net
  • First Data
  • Paypal Pro
  • Skybank

The ecommerce world is taking this very seriously and companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook have come together alongside the W3C to draft a set of 1 click specifications. Google has proposed that you will be able to store your cards and address in its Chrome browser that will communicate directly with your payment gateway.

This is a very interesting time in ecommerce so make sure you invest some time into looking at implementing a 1-click solution for your website.