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Amazon presented on Wednesday the new Echo Look, the device for fashion selfies.

The hands-free gadget lets you takes voice-activated photos and videos on command, but the main purpose of the device is to let Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa help you to choose what to wear.

The Echo Look is available only in the US at the moment and is invitation only, costing $200.

Additionally, the camera uses depth analysis to produce “computer vision-based” blurred backgrounds so you can apparently look your best in full-length selfies. It will also capture video, allowing you give your audience a twirl in your finery.

Amazon also introduces an app for the Echo Look called ”Style Check” which uses advanced machine-learning algorithms based on expert advice from fashion specialists.

You just need to“Submit two photos for a second opinion on which outfit looks best on you based on fit, colour, styling and current trends.”

So this sounds quite exciting especially for us woman who usually don’t know what to wear’, and of course there will be a less unhappy man as they won’t have to wait as long for us to get ready.

Just don’t forget to turn the camera off before going to bed, otherwise, something else could be recorded.

What does this mean for online sellers?

Well in the short term, not much unless you are going to use it to create some media assets for your marketing efforts.

But if you are an online retailer of fashion, then the possibilities could be endless, including creating a 3rd party app that allows your customers to “virtually” try before they buy, this would help with those returns.