• Update: Google Express Removes Membership Fees – Aug 2017
  • Amazon Prime Now Vs Google Express
  • Same Day Delivery
  • A Taste of the Future

Only a few years ago, many in the ecommerce industry mentioned that Next Day delivery would be too slow for the modern consumer. Now both Amazon and Google are battling for the same day delivery dominance in the United States.

And the U.S. is just the start as Amazon spreads its Prime Now offering across the globe. This article will look at the services, highlight the difference to the consumer and discuss what the future could hold for an online seller, as I give my prediction of an ecommerce future not so distant future.

What is Google Express

Google Express, formerly Google Shopping Express, now operates across the entire continental U.S. It can provide on some products same day delivery with its impressive network of 28 retail store chains, including Whole Foods, recently bought by Amazon.

Google Express classes itself as an online marketplace that connects shoppers with popular stores. It specialises in fast delivery of household items, apparel, electronics, pantry staples such as bread and cereal, and more.

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What is Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now allows its Amazon Prime members to order a selection of goods on a 2 hour, same day delivery. Amazon Prime Now in the U.S. operates in 33 major cities (though only 9 cities offer delivery options from non-amazon stores).

But Amazon hasn’t stopped there. It currently has Prime Now operations in UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Portsmouth whilst also offering this service throughout Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and Singapore.

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So What Is The Difference

Both offerings come with a membership that waves the shipping costs. Amazon tends to be focusing its offering more on its direct outlets where google has purely partnered up with other retailers.

In the U.S. to use Amazon Prime Now, you need to be an Amazon Prime Member which will cost you $99 per year. Google Express has two memberships, an annual one at $95 or a monthly membership of $10. Update: Google announced that it has removed it’s membership fees to improve its offering to the consumer, this is in line with the recent partnership with Walmart. Read our ‘Walmart & Google Partner Up Against Amazon’ article.

What Does The Future Look Like

The future of retail and ecommerce is merging into one. Voice activated personal assisted A.I. will listen to your requirements and place your orders to the modern retailer for same-day delivery.

Your orders will be sent via a data stream to a warehouse of efficient picking and packing machines, who will dispatch your order, error free and in a matter of minutes.

Your order will arrive at your location and adapt the delivery address thanks to your A.I. assistant syncing your schedule and movements to the courier company.

This is ecommerce, this is the year 2023.

Well, that is my prediction, exciting and scary at the same time but, I would recommend to any online seller to start thinking about the future and their offering to their consumers.

Some of our readers may be in the industry and size where they could look at offering a same day delivery service in the not so distant future. Others may need to use services like Prime Now in the future, once Amazon’s FBA can offer same day delivery.