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Dear eBay,

I feel compelled to write to you in regards from the general feedback from the online selling community.
Though everyone understands there is the need for change, a lot of online sellers feel neglected when the decision is made in regard to these changes.

Unlike Amazon, you are a pure marketplace, which is a fact that I know the ecommerce community greatly appreciates but saying that, a marketplace needs to have two parties happy in the relationship.
Much like the traditional markets, it needs to have stalls (sellers) and shoppers (buyers) and if one of those parties stops using the service, slowly the market will die.

It is my genuine hope that this open letter from the community to yourselves will give online sellers a place to express their concerns and that both you and the community can work together to give a great shopping experience that works both for eBay, the buyers and the online sellers.

We will close this open letter on 30th September 2017 where we will send you the community feedback.