• Amazon alert tool for private label sellers
  • What is BindWise
  • How did BindWise begin

bindwise amazon app

If you’re a private label seller then BindWise is a hidden gem that I just have to share with you.

Outside of SellerHub.TV, I have a close network of clients and many of them have become my friends. One of the main issues, especially for those who are private label sellers (have their own brand of products) was other online sellers hijacking/piggy backing their listings on Amazon with products that simply were not the same (though in some instances you could argue similar).

The problem is that to find out who has hijacked your listings is a very manual and time-consuming task. So about 12 months ago my search for a solution started and after about 3 months into I simply stopped as I could not find a solution. I had even made the assumption that if there was not already a solution out there then perhaps Amazon just didn’t have those fields in their API? (Schoolboy error).

After being mentioned in AppEagle’s Top 7 Ecommerce Experts & Influencers To Follow article, by a stroke of luck I was reached out to by one of the co-founders of BindWise, and it was the exact solution I was looking for.

What is BindWise

BindWise was described to me as an Amazon alert tool and offered a solution which would email online sellers when another seller had hijacked/piggybacked onto one of their listings, giving them a link to take action.

After trialling it for 30 days, it actually showed a lot more information including listing changes and account health changes. Even in the small space of 30 days, we had seen an array of new features and it seems like there are more coming.

The most amazing part of BindWise is the price, starting from $19 a month! BindWise has a video that explains more about how their app works.

How did BindWise start

I have had the pleasure to be in contact with Alex, one of the co-founders of BindWise. I asked him how it all began.

“We started BindWise as a side-projects for a few online sellers, and shortly we realized that they shared same common issues. 2 years ago my co-founder, Vlad, and myself started Bindwise – the tech startup which, in a long-run, is an automation platform that allows you to offload tedious e-commerce related tasks.

We love to think about our core values as the very best qualities of our team. It’s part who we are and part who we aspire to be. We look for the long-term. We try to do only those actions which actually deliver value to sellers. Whether we’re empowering them with software or educating them with content. In a world crowded with software, we look to keep things simple. ”

Alex Borisenko – Co Founder BindWise

I am really impressed with BindWise’s feature, expansion on its app, service provided and price. BindWise offers a free trial, so you should check out their website today: https://www.bindwise.com/