Buuy have announced that they’ve introduced a small monthly charge for store ownership, this decision was a last resort by the founders to keep he marketplace alive. Currently Buuy.co.uk charges no fees, so they make no money from the sales currently made on their site.

Below you can see the official press release from the Buuy team.

Buuy.co.uk official press release

Buuy.co.uk, the UK marketplace will be from 1st February 2018 start to charge a £10.00 monthly fee to own a store on the growing UK site.

The decision to bring in this charge has proven to be a last resort as its founders, Justin Hodnett and Scott Janaway who wanted to keep Buuy a 100% Free Marketplace in the UK, but with spiralling costs to keep the live, the founders have had no choice to bring in a small monthly fee.

The cost of just £10 per month is far cheaper than other maketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, eBid and onBuy.

With owning a store on Buuy.co.uk you get a standard store, which enables the seller to list up to 5million listings as standard, with no other fees – as per the rest of the site. Which means no fees to list or sell. The £10 monthly fee allows the seller to know exactly how much they are paying out per month on their sales regardless of what they’ve sold, the amount will always be the same.

Of course if the seller is choosing PayPal as they payment gateway, PayPal’s Fee’s are payable also.

The response of current stores signing up to the monthly charge has been encouraging and the more stores that sign up, the monthly cost will start to come down per month and hopefully at some point stop altogether, as charging for a store is hopefully only a temporary thing and Justin and Scott want to make Buuy.co.uk 100% Free once again very soon