• France’s 2nd largest marketplace after Amazon
  • Recent changes to its seller metrics
  • Modifications to ‘Cdiscount Fulfilment’

Cdiscount has recently announced changes to its general conditions for online sellers, otherwise known as CGMAD (general conditions for making available of Cdiscount Marketplace).

The changes include new rates on their quality rate metrics, which is aimed at improving overall customer experience. Modifications to Cdiscount Fulfilment with the emphasis of sending slow moving lines and damaged stock back to you, the seller. Plus some additional information on commission rates and their B2B marketplace.

Changes to the Quality Rates metrics

In order to improve the customer experience, Cdiscount is changing their quality rates:

Quality rate  Previous rate  New rate
Order acceptation rate 95% 97.50%
Products shipping rate 95% 97.50%
Preparation deadline compliance rate 95% 96%

So the new rates are set in place to give buyers from Cdiscount a great customer experience. If you are not hitting these metrics or receive a high number in negative consumer events (claims, customer reviews, refunds etc…) then you may lose your rights to sell on Cdiscount.

Changes to Cdiscount Fulfilment

Cdiscount Fulfilments is Cdiscount’s version of FBA. They have recently announced changes to when they may return stock.

Stock with no rotation

“Now, Cdiscount may ask you to take back your Cdiscount Fulfilment inventory that has had no movement for the last six months, instead of nine previously.”

So it is worth doing some insights into your products and sales history. If you products are seasonal then it would be worth into looking how many sold during a peak period. By knowing this data you will be able to forecast and send the right amount of stock at the right date.

Customer retractation with Cdiscount Fulfilment

“Upon arrival in the warehouse, your product is analyzed by our teams:
– If your product is not damaged: it reintegrates your salable stock;
– If your product returns damaged: it integrates your stock of “damaged” products and you can take them back.”

Cdiscount will now let you know about any damages that arrive at their fulfilment centre so you can have them sent back to your warehouse.