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Are you fed up with having to deal with angry buyers? So frustrated that they have clearly not read your returns policy? You love selling on Etsy and want to grow your business but bad experiences like this are putting you off?

Well in this episode we will discuss how to deal with returns on Etsy and why I think you should be offering returns.

What’s in this episode?

  • Etsy’s rules on returns
  • Why do returns happen
  • Why you should offer returns
  • How to reduce your loss on returns
  • The Etsy returns calculator (free download)

Etsy’s rules on returns

As an Etsy seller, you can choose if you want to accept returns. If you are in the EU or selling to someone in the EU, then it is worth reading about the “EU Directive on Consumer Rights”. Etsy has some advice about this legislation here: Etsy on the EU Directive on Consumer Rights.

Custom made goods & perishable products

If your products can be classed as “custom made” then you could be classed as exempt from the EU directive on consumer rights.

Why do returns happen?

Returns are a normal part of life for any online seller. When you are buying from an image on your browser, a certain part of that purchase has to be left to the imagination. The reality is that not everyone will be happy with what they get.

There are 3 main criteria for why returns happen:

  • Customer doesn’t like the product
  • Customer mistake
  • Damaged/faulty

Why you should offer returns

I really appreciate the hard work Etsy sellers put into their businesses and I know for some, they really don’t want to hear about offering returns but, there are so many reasons too.

  • How much time do you spend going back & forth with angry customers?
  • How much additional stress are you placing on yourself?
  • Are you planning to expand? If so you may have to offer returns on other platforms
  • If you weren’t at Etsy seller, would you notice every seller has a different returns policy?

I know deep down, no one likes dealing with angry customers but you don’t want to feel like you are being taken advantage off or loosing out due to their mistake.

The reality is, online-sellers expect to be able to return items and that is not going to change. By offering returns you are going to save yourself time, have less stress and put in a model that will fit as your business grows and could generate returning customers as they remember your amazing customer service.

But I am going to loose money! (We have a plan)

The problem with accepting returns is that you will loose money, but I have a solution that will nullify or at least reduce the amount of money lost by accepting returns.

Free download – The Etsy returns calculator

So here we have a free spreadsheet, all you need to know is your average order value, average monthly orders and your average monthly returns rate.

Add these figures into the calculator and it will tell you how much extra you should add to your shipping (or listing price) to counteract the lost profit.

Simply fill out the form below to receive the link for the Etsy returns calculator.