It was only last year that eBay implemented strict rules on customer contact outside of eBay, including sharing email and phones numbers via eBay’s message system before the purchase had been made.

It seems that eBay has had a change of heart, specifically around sharing your telephone number for pre-sale enquiries.
This change has been due to a combination of seller feedback and plans to implement additional features in eBay’s mobile phone app.

There are further changes to eBay this summer as shared in their video above.

How To Opt-In

You will need to opt-in to use this feature within eBay and can do so by following this link: Manage communications with buyers

eBay has stated that it is important to consider if your business can manage these inbound calls and make the decision to opt in wisely.

More on this eBay update can be found here: eBay phone pre-sale update


My Thoughts

eBay needs change and we can see changes coming into place such as their new catalogue based shopping and now implementing a more personal touch in the form of a pre-sale phone call option. To compete with the like of Amazon which offers buyers a very convenient, simple and typically hassle-free shopping experience eBay needs to evolve.

It’s great to see eBay trying to evolve by implementing a new catalogue system and by looking at their tone of voice, pushing a personal, customer-focused shopping experience.

My only concern with eBay is that they have a tendency to change direction often. I truely love eBay as a platform and hope they implement all these plans correctly. As always, please share your thoughts below, I would love to hear them 🙂


Charlie McBroom