• Removing watermarks from your images
  • More focus on product identifiers
  • Automatic returns
  • Simplified feedback
  • Contact, links and secure content updates

ebay autumn update 2017

eBay has recently announced its seller update for Autumn. Some of the key areas include improvements to its catalogue (highlighting update to rules around your images and product identifiers) streamlining customer experience, bringing all promotional tools under one screen and enforcing links and contact information.

Removing watermarks from images

From 1st March 2018, watermarks will no longer be allowed on your product pictures. If you decided to include watermarks in your images from this date then you will have your listings removed from search.


More focus on product identifiers

Your Good Til Cancelled listings will not be automatically renewed from September 2017 if they contain invalid product identifiers.

If you sell products as Seller refurbished then you will need to include item specifics from 19th October 2017. This also applies for Used listings in certain categories.

The plan is to use product identifiers to automatically match new and existing listings to products in the eBay catalogue from Spring 2018.


Returns and cases

eBay will automatically start accepting some return requests from autumn 2017. This will be based on your returns policy.

From 2018 both buyers and sellers will be able to request eBay to step in and help resolve requests more quickly.

eBay will be actively rewarding sellers that offer generous returns policies. This ideally means a 30 day free returns policy.


Simplified feedback and buyer reporting

The way buyers leave feedback has been visually enhanced.

You can also report fraudulent buyer more quickly and provide additional information.


Contact information and links

Contact details have to be removed from the item descriptions, from October 2017 you may be punished for having contact details in your descriptions.

From early 2018 your listings could be removed for containing contact details or links that direct buyers from eBay.


Secure content on eBay

If your images or any content on your listings is hosted on a non-secure site (HTTP rather than HTTPS) then you could be at risk.

In October 2017 you may notice effects on your listings if it has non secure content, from February 2018 this content will not be visible on eBay.