You may have read our recent post in regards to eBay’s Latest Update With Product Identifiers which it seemed eBay had taken a soft approach in their goal to optimize their catalogue.

In an interesting turn of events, eBay has now announced that from 14th September all GTC (Good Til Cancelled) listings with invalid product identifiers will not be automatically renewed.

ebay product identifiers

Adding valid product identifiers

Product identifiers in eBay can be broken down into 4 areas, below are a set of guidelines for adding product identifiers to help you prevent your listings from getting blocked.


  • Provide the brand name that customers are most familiar with.
  • If your item is unbranded, select ‘unbranded’.


  • If you’re using any of the following brands, you’ll be required to add a GTIN.
  • Make sure the brand name matches the model. For example:
    Brand: Apple
    Model: iPhone 5C


  • Make sure you’ve only used alphanumeric digits when using a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).
  • Use the most specific MPN available. For example: different colours of a product should have different MPNs.
  • Make sure you’re adding your MPN to the correct field on the listing form.


  • MPN doesn’t contain words like ‘for’, ‘compatible’, ‘see description’, etc.


  • Check you’ve added the correct number of digits.
  • Make sure you’ve only used numbers, not letters or other characters.
  • Double-check you’ve added the correct digits.


  • When creating multi-variation listings, GTIN shouldn’t be the same across all variations.

Item specifics

  • The item specific value shouldn’t be the same as the name of the data field. For example: in the Brand field, don’t enter the word ‘Brand’.
  • MPN, Brand and GTIN have different values.

For further reading and to learn how to update your product identifiers, read eBay’s official article.