eBay has announced a brand new feature coming out Summer 2017! This feature is eBay’s answer to Amazon’s Prime delivery and guess what? There are no subscriptions for the buyer, no sign ups for them just guaranteed delivery.

So how does it work?

eBay buyers will see a guaranteed delivery date of 3 days or less on eligible listings. Sellers who qualify will be able to guarantee delivery by a specified date using eBay’s new feature.

Why should buyers offer Guaranteed Delivery?

  • Increased exposure: Sellers will be able to filter items by delivery dates. (Much, in the same manner, Amazon Prime users can select Prime only offerings)
  • More Control: As a seller, you’ll be able to set regional rates, working days and handle cut off times.
  • Happier customers: eBay states that after free shipping, guaranteed delivery is the most important criteria for online shoppers.

Why are sellers going to use eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery feature?

Other than having the option and confidence to get their product in a set timeframe, eBay will also refund the cost of the shipping if the item arrives late. If it is free shipping then eBay will issue a coupon for the buyer to use on their next eBay purchase.

If a guaranteed item arrives late, the buyer can request to have their cost of shipping refunded. If the shipping was free, then the buyer can receive a coupon to be used towards their next eBay purchase. Alternatively, the buyer can choose to return the item at no cost.

How do I get involved?

So the program is only for the U.S. at the moment and won’t be live until Summer 2017. You can register your interest witheBay via their Update Form.

To increase your chances of being eligible, eBay recommends that you offer same business day or one business day handling times, offer multiple shipping options and include an expedited shipping service.

I would recommend that you do this on all of your good till cancelled listings.