What started with the announcement and withdraw of the mandatory Product Identifier rule in Australia and Ireland has now spread as a global ruling for all eBay territories.

The rules which are meant to come into place this February for all eBay marketplaces seem to have been revoked or at least put on hold.

So why was eBay so keen on Product Identifiers

Product identifiers play two major roles:

  1. Improved internal data – tightening up their catalogue, eBay can use this improved data to see selling trends, to promote top selling lines and combine goods in programmes such as eBay deals.
  2. Outside search –  improved data will help eBay product pages appear on search engines such as Google. It was in 2014 where eBay was victim to a Google update.

And we talk about Google’s Panda update in 2014 which has been followed by new rule changes from eBay such as the adding of product identifiers and the removal of active content from eBay templates.

Have you worked on Product Identifiers?

Have you been working hard to add product identifiers to your listings? Have you seen any improvement in sales? We would love to hear from you.