eBay has announced some changes in their spring update, both in the UK and the US. Though there have been country specific changes, the general outcome across both sites is that fees have been increased but there will be more value for eBay shop subscribers.

eBay.com has also announced that it will also be removing the 3rd party sponsored ads from its site and replacing them with promoted listings. There has been no confirmation if this will happen on all eBay sites such as ebay.co.uk or if it is just specific to the US for the time being.

What does this mean for you?

So you will see an increase in your selling fees, but if you are an eBay shop subscriber you will get benefits in the form of an increase in the number of free listings, promoted listings credit (depending on your shop level & country) and an eBay packaging voucher (depending on your shop level & country).

You can read more here:

Official eBay UK Spring Update 2017

Official eBay US Spring Update 2017

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What are your thoughts?

Is this a good move for eBay? Do you see it as them investing back into their marketplace? Or do you feel they are targeting the sellers to increase their own profit margins?