Linnworks, the multichannel ecommerce order management system, held their first Ecommerce masterclass in their hometown of Chichester.

The first of many, this masterclass consisted of 4 expert speakers followed up by drinks and nibbles kindly supplied by Linnworks.

The masterclass was aimed not just at Linnworks users, but online sellers as a whole as each speaker’s subject was designed to beneficial for any online seller.

What were the topics covered?

The aim of the masterclass

The aim behind the ecommerce masterclasses is to create a community and give them a place to learn, share knowledge, grow their business and be open to everyone involved in ecommerce, not just Linnworks customers.(Though they should definitely come)

Will Bowes – Linnworks

And the first masterclass started out well, there was a mixture of both Linnworks users and other online sellers. The talks were aimed at anyone in the ecommerce industry and even though it was hosted in rural Chichester, the masterclass had brought in quite the crowd from all over the UK.

Best takeaway from the masterclass?

Well, there were so many great parts from all the speakers to choose from, but the one part that really caught the audience’s attention was Richard’s (Commercial director of Rinkit) advice on running a successful website.

With their website being their second largest selling channel, Richard explained that to have a successful website you need to allocate at least 15% of turnover back into the site.

There were many other key points from all the speakers, including a link to our Free KPI List for Online Sellers.