Etsy, the marketplace of craft and vintage products has announced that they will be closing the ‘Etsy Studio’ and ‘Etsy Manufacturing’ areas of their business this year.

What is Etsy Studio & Manufacturing?

Etsy Studio and Etsy Manufacturing are focused on selling wholesale and supply goods to the traditional craft seller. In Etsy’s statement, they have discussed putting their whole focus on the Etsy marketplace and allowing the supply sellers to list their goods on Etsy’s main platform.

What does this mean for the seller?

For some, particularity sellers selling wholesale items on Etsy, this could be seen as a good opportunity as their products will be in the mix of the main marketplace.

For craft sellers, some may see this as a negative as the general search results will be diluted with a mix of craft-style products and wholesale goods. You may even see a spike in the generic style products being listed on the platform.

Etsy’s announcement

This year, we’re focusing our efforts on giving you what you need and making Etsy the best platform for running your creative business. As part of that process, we’ve made the tough decisions to close Etsy Studio, our standalone craft supplies market, and Etsy Manufacturing, which helps sellers find production partners, as we concentrate our focus on

After a year of running Etsy Studio, we realized it was better for our sellers to sell craft supplies in the same marketplace as handmade and vintage goods. This way buyers can shop for everything together and we can invest more in across all categories. Craft Supplies will continue to be a key category on Etsy—they’re a big part of what makes Etsy special.

As part of our emphasis on giving you the tools you need, we looked across our products and services and decided that Etsy Manufacturing was taking focus away from features and services that would have a bigger impact for your business. We’ll continue to support you with tips and best practices for working with production partners if that’s something that makes sense for your business.

We’re closing Etsy Studio and Etsy Manufacturing later this year, and we’ll send an update to sellers who might be affected by this change.

Source: Etsy – What’s Coming Up In 2018