Prior April 5th Flubit was a private offer service which would allow buyers to find a better price on a product they are searching for. Now, from April 5th, Flubit is now a fully fledge marketplace with a catalogue of over 60 million products.

With already a seller base of over 1500 trusted sellers in the UK and Ireland, this is the 3rd marketplace UK online sellers have been shouting out for. (Not including Tesco Direct, which is currently, invite only)

Flubit marketplace

Why should I sell on Flubit?

Flubit’s proposition is unique, there is no selling fees or monthly subscription… Yes I know you are asking, how do they make their money?

Well, the principle is, if you are selling a product on Amazon knowing that at least 15% of your sale is going to Amazon, offer your product to Flubit 10% cheaper than Amazon. Flubit will then add an additional markup to the customer making it competitive against other marketplace prices.

Flubit also has other channels that they push your sales feeds to, this includes the popular UK newspaper, the Mirror, Mighty Deals and much more.

How do I get started?

Simply Visit Flubit’sĀ SKUCloud Website where you can register to sell on their platform, the great thing is that Flubit already has a number of integrations, so getting on board is so simple.