The IRX is probably the “Ecommerce event” of the UK and like every year it just gets better. This year was no different with amazing suppliers and innovations being presented to the ecommerce industry.

In our video, we highlight just a few of the companies exhibiting there. We’ve written a short breakdown of who they are, what they do and even included a link to their site.

Featured Suppliers

Shopware – Shopware had one of the centrepiece displays at the expo and this was only to match the quality of their platform. Shopware is an ecommerce platform that is open source. Unlike other open source platforms such as Magento, Shopware really focuses on usability, design and the shopping experience.

EiraTech – Warehouse picking robots! Yes, that is right but you’re probably thinking “This is out of our league, this cost Amazon millions to implement” etc… Well, guess what, these machines are targeted at the SME market. It is a modular system and rather than investing a large sum up front, you pay for the system in a RaaS model (Resource as a service). With being able to do 600 picks per hour, I can see a lot of SME’s considering this.

Linnworks – Linnworks is a multichannel ecommerce system which links all your selling channels and couriers into one place. It updates stock levels, prints out shipping labels, sends out dispatch emails and even bulk lists your products.
Other than having over 4000 businesses using their software, they have now got an app store allowing Linnworks to be highly customisable.

Automated Packaging Systems – More machines and this was no disappointment. The machine Automated Packaging Systems demonstrated didn’t just automate to opening and sealing of a packaging bag, but, it printed a shipping label directly on the bag itself. The packing rate is anywhere from 250 to 400 an hour!

Currencies Direct – When it comes to currency conversion there are few that have the expertise Currencies Direct have. Many Amazon sellers still let Amazon convert and send their foreign currency into their own bank account. One of the services Currency Direct offers is international collection accounts in the country of that currency which gives you the flexibility of when to take the currency out and also is at a far lower rate to convert than what Amazon offers.

EasyPack – EasyPack offer a variety of green packing systems ideal for online sellers. The one demonstrated in the video shows a roll of packing paper being form and cut into a size inputted on their machine. This saves you having to buy different styles of packing fillers which take up storage. Plus, all of their paper is 100% recycled!

Volo Commerce – Volo Commerce is an eCommerce ERP system. It connects with your selling channels and couriers to create a warehouse management and inventory system. Volo Commerce is focused on growth and as well as their software they offer a customer success manager to help you expand your business.

PeopleVox –  PeopleVox is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that is focuses around ecommerce. Their system allows SME’s to make their warehouse process as efficient as possible, giving them the edge to compete with larger retailers. With a tonne of integrations and flexibility, PeopleVox offers a great solution and are passionate about fulfilment.

XSellco – XSellco offers a variety of tools, including their feedback generation solution and repricer. The tool that stands out for me is Fusion, their CRM system for ecommerce. With so many integrations including eBay and Amazon, Fusion allows you to automate repsonces, translate and also gives you details in regards to the status of the SLA to that customer query.