• Buuy.co.uk launches a crowdfunding campaign
  • A totally free marketplace with no selling or joining fees
  • How easy is it to sell on Buuy

Buuy Marketplace

You may have heard about Buuy.co.uk and its recent crowd funding campaign, but what exactly is Buuy? What makes it different? and how easy is it to add this channel to your selling portfolio?

What Is Buuy

Buuy is a UK Marketplace that allows sellers and buyers to buy new and second-hand products. What makes Buuy unique is the fact there are no selling or joining fees, it is totally free! (Well except for the PayPal fees).

Sounds great, a marketplace with no fees, well it gets even better! Buuy already has the ability to bulk list your products via a CSV upload, meaning you don’t have to spend alot of time getting your catalogue online. If you prefer listings manually then you can do this via the back end too.

buuy listing creation

Though the front end design is not as slick as eBay or Amazon the back end is pretty impressive. Especially for a new and growing marketplace. It also has the ability for online sellers to create their own store front, for free,

The only issue we can see, especially for larger online sellers is going to be processing the orders. At the moment there does not seem to be any integrations with the popular order management systems or the ability to bulk process orders via a flat file/CSV upload. Though I am sure this will come in the near future.

There is also a lack of marketplace guidelines, though some online sellers may see this as a good thing.

Signing Up To Buuy

Buuy is very easy to sign up to, it took us less than a minute to get an account. Sign up to Buuy

I would keep an eye on this marketplace, though small and humble at the moment there is a certain sparkle of something special about it. Some could say it is almost reminiscent of an early eBay.

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