• Likely to expected during Black Friday
  • Strike linked to pensions, pay and jobs
  • Do you have alternative carriers in place


Royal Mail Centre

It has been confirmed that Royal Mail will have its first strike since privatisation, though no date has been officially set there are definite indicators that it will be around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates.

A ‘dispute resolution procedure’ which Royal Mail claims both sides legally have to enter before a strike takes place could set the actual date of the strike back closer to the Christmas period.

Should you use other couriers

There has been no official wording from the larger marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon in regards to how they will treat the strike, but it is likely to say that if you choose to send your items with Royal Mail then you are liable for the negative feedback.

Our advice is not to think you will be protected as a seller, especially on Amazon who would argue that you have the choice of the carrier you want to use and also could have put your stock into FBA.

If you’re sending parcels/packets then you have a lot of different options out there to send your orders with during the strike dates. Sellers who sell smaller items that typically would go as a smaller letter may have to take a hit or a risk when it comes to sending their goods. (We are actively looking for an alternative at the moment for our readers)