Tesco announced today that they will be closing their general merchandising and clothing website Tesco Direct.

To some online sellers, Tesco Direct is also known as the Tesco Marketplace, as a result of this closure Tesco will cease to trade with all of their Marketplace partners.

Tesco will cease to operate its marketplace on 9th July 2018.

If you want to know more you can contact Tesco directly at PartnerQueries@tesco.com.

Below we have included a snipit from Tesco’s FAQ’s around this matter.

Tesco Direst Closes FAQ

Why are Tesco choosing to end our trading relationship?
We are always reviewing our business to ensure it reflects the needs of
This has been a difficult decision to make but a necessary one towards
establishing a more sustainable digital platform for our business.
This means that we will have to terminate our relationship with all of our trading
partners on Tesco Direct.

What should I do if I have questions about this process?
We have set up a specific mailing address for all queries. Please contact us on
PartnerQueries@tesco.com with any questions. We are here to help and arrange
further discussions where necessary.

When will be the last time customers can make a purchase on Tesco Direct?
The last day customers can make a purchase is 9 July.
What do I do about made-to-order, pre-order products or products with long lead

Please remove any products from your listing feed that you will not be able to
fulfil by the time we cease trading on 9th July. If you need support with this
please contact us on PartnerQueries@tesco.com and we can remove these
products on your behalf.

What changes will be made to the customer delivery proposition until closure?
We will not be offering next day delivery on Tesco products from 22nd May. Our
current offer for delivery and collection will be within 2-5 days. If your delivery
timelines should also change, please action this in the normal way or contact us
on PartnerQueries@tesco.com for further support.

When will my last payment be received?
The final payment will be made in line with our usual payment schedule