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Update: Agenda has been announced

Linn Academy Agenda 2017

The full agenda for Linn Academy has been announced and I for one am personally excited. The line up includes an array of exciting individuals and representatives including John Lawson, founder of The Ecommerce Group, Richard Goss – Founder of Rinkit, Brian McBride – former Amazon MD, eBay, Amazon, PayPal and many more.

Have you got your tickets? If not you best book now: https://www.linnacademy.com/

Highlights From 2016

So arguably one of the greatest events for multichannel online sellers, this year, Linnworks, the hosts of the Linn Academy have up’ed their game and will be hosting their annual event at the Vox in Birmingham.

Why should you go?

If you are selling on eBay, Amazon or multiple marketplaces, then this is the event to go to. If you are a Linnworks customer or looking to use Linnworks, then this event is a great place to get some hands on advice.

If you’re not a Linnworks customer there is still a hundred and one good reasons to go, including some of the great speakers lined up.

Who’s speaking at the event?

How do I find out more?

The Linn Academy has its own dedicated website which you can find regular updates and information about the event: The Linn Academy Website.

If you’re looking to book tickets, you can so by going to the Ticket Page. Early bird tickets are available until the end of June!