• One of the fastest growing social platforms
  • Opportunity to become an established name
  • Generate followers to your other social platforms
  • Open your brand to a young demographic
  • Find the next big influencer in your industry
TikTok Marketing for Business

What is TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to share short videos. Its main demographic are teens and people in their early 20’s, but wait! Don’t let that put you off from reading more.

As of writing this blog, TikTok is in the top 5 rankings on the app store currently above the like of Instagram as well as being the 4th most downloaded app in 2018.

Why TikTok

TikTok is growing fast but it’s still less competitive than other more established platforms. Unlike Instagram & Facebook, which most of us use as marketing channels, TikTok is still uncharted territories for most businesses.

So the 3 main reasons I believe you should be joining TikTok are:

  • Easier to generate a following compared to the more established platforms
  • Use that following to promote your other social platforms
  • Get established early as it TikTok becomes more mainstream

Of course if the demographic for your goods are the teens & young adults then you should definitely be using TikTok as a social media platform already.

What Strategies To Use On TikTok

Whilst writing this (and I am sure I will be updating this article soon) there are two main avenues you can utilize.

Creating Original Content

  • Build a following on TikTok, a less competitive channel
  • Promote your brand visually to a growing audience
  • Use TikTok to boost your following on other platforms (link back to Insta)

By creating original content you have the opportunity to build an account, a following and drive that following to your other social platforms like Instagram.

Influencer Marketing

  • Less established/more competitively priced influencers
  • Building early relationships

TikTok is establishing itself and generating its own number of influencers on the platform. The opportunities there are not just to reach an ever-growing audience but to find the next big name in your industry. If we look at Vine (may it rest in peace) names like Logan Paul started on these platforms before becoming world-famous.

My Prediction

TikTok is going to be a big player in the world of social media marketing. As the demographic ages and more people join we will see TikTok focusing more advertisement features for businesses.


This is an ideal stage to build a following, use that following to promote your other social platforms and as TikTok matures as a more commercial platform, you will have the head start by being an early adopter.