• Google and Walmart announced a partnership
  • Walmart to join Google Express
  • Google Express removes charges
  • Walmart to be available on Google Assistant/Google Home
  • What it means for the online seller

google express van

This month Google and Walmart announced their partnership. From September 2017 Walmart product will start appearing on Google Express. (Want to know more about Google Express, read our Amazon Prime Vs Google Shopping Article)

Google Express is Google Shopping’s answer to Amazon Prime, where popular retailers across the US can offer same day delivery. Consumers use to pay a monthly membership which Google has dropped this month. (If you have a membership then you will be refunded the remaining amount.)

The long term goal is for Walmart to reachable to a growing market of ‘voice shopper’, online shoppers who are using their personal assistants like Amazon Echo, Google Home and the soon to be launched Apple HomePod.

With this in mind, Walmart products will be reachable by a unique set of Google Voice consumers compared to the consumers using an Amazon Echo device. It will also allow consumers to take advantage of Walmart’s Easy Reorder Service.

What Does This Mean For The Online Seller

Well if your business is primarily Amazon I would not worry about the downfall of Amazon anytime soon. They continue to innovate as the most consumer centric company in the world and as long as they put the consumer first, they will have customers.

In the short term, there will not be a lot of impact to the average online retailer, though this insight does give us two points where an online seller can take advantage and plan for the future.

  • A glimpse into the future of e-tail: its time, no matter your size, to start thinking about voice search and what you need to do to become future proof. Do your products have item specifics? Do you have systems in place to dispatch orders quickly and effectively?
  • Selling on the Walmart marketplace. If you are not yet selling on Walmart’s marketplace then this may increase its potential to you and your business. It is clearly Walmart’s goal to be a serious competitor to Amazon in all aspects of retail and so it makes clear sense to spread your offering onto both platforms.

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