This month, Walmart reported a massive 63% growth in their ecommerce sector during their first fiscal quarter.

The results are suggesting the Amazon may have a new real contender other than eBay.

Walmart are very focused on pushing their ecommerce growth which was reiterated by Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon during their company’s quarterly conference call.

“We need to scale our e-commerce business further and see some additional strength in our store comps to deliver the results we know we’re capable of — so that’s what we’re focused on.” Doug McMillon, CEO Walmart.

What does this mean for the Online Seller

Well this is only good news, Walmart, who also owns Jet has its own marketplace. We know as online sellers that the key to ecommerce growth (for most of us) is multi channel selling.

Though Amazon is the bread and butter for most of us, it is nice to be able to place are eggs in more than one basket.