• Why the branding change
  • What does xSellco offer
  • What their customers say (video)

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Why the branding change xSellco?

Last week xSellco, a leading software supplier for ecommerce sellers, revealed a new look website complete with a re-brand of their products.
Hailed as a ‘new look, same xSellco’ on their recent blog article, we had the pleasure to receive a quote from the founder of xSellco about the change.

“We wanted to create a new brand which would represent our products and our values. Simplicity is the key to our business, it’s about removing the complexity of online selling for our customers so that they can focus on growth. When people visit our new website, they are greeted with a look and tone which is helpful, user-friendly, and with product names that now reflect what we do with complete clarity.

We’re on a mission to make selling more simple, and we hope that for online sellers, our new look will instil a sense of confidence in how we can make life simpler for them.”

Ray Nolan – Founder of xSellco

What does xSellco offer

xSellco offers 3 great applications for any multi channel online seller, and now with their new rebranded names, it makes them pretty self-explanatory.

Helpdesk – formerly Fusion, is a multichannel customer relation and helpdesk software specifically designed for online sellers.
From one screen, you can manage all of your customer queries from different marketplaces and websites and utilise automation and other great features to save you time and give your customers the best service.

Feedback – formerly High5, is an application that seeks to increase positive reviews on eBay, Amazon, trust pilot and your social media.

Repricer – formerly Price Manager, is a smart Amazon repricing software that can also link to other marketplaces to create price parity.

What their customers say

xSellco helpdesk is a powerful tool and starts at a very affordable £59 per month. With that price tag you may feel that you will outgrow the solution but think again. xSellco has a wide range of customers from small sellers who want to grow their business all the way to corporate names such as Suzuki.


Watch the case study to see how much time xSellco helpdesk saved Suzuki whilst improving customer retention.